AXS ict – ICT company Rotterdam – About us
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About us

Are you looking for an ICT supplier that provides you with advice based on what you need? Are you looking for an ICT partner who understands ICT just needs to work and that you do not want to spend much time on it? Find out more about AXS ict.

AXS ict is located in the Rotterdam Science Tower and originates from an internal ICT department; we are therefore used to thinking from a business point of view. Our position is that ICT is a means to an end, it is not the objective; it simply a tool that supports the achievement of business objectives. You need to be as minimally involved in ICT as you can so you can concentrate on what you are good at. With AXS ict as your ICT partner, you have one point of contact for all your ICT matters. We ensure you are and will remain satisfied. This is why you will never enter into a multi-year contract with us. Let us prove it to you.

The ICT infrastructure of every company looks different. You simply have to tell us how you currently work, and how you would like to work in the future. We can then propose a suitable ICT solution for your organisation.

Our team



Owner & Manager Systems


Owner & Manager Software


Owner & General Manager


System Engineer


System Engineer


System Engineer



Our starting principles

Concentrate on what you are good at

Every company needs to be able to concentrate on what it is good at. You need to focus on your own business. We provide the ICT resources that support your organisation.

ICT is a means to and end, it is not the objective

How do you work now, and how do you want to work in the future? Your activities and objectives determine the ICT resources you choose and deploy. Your organisation is the most important.

Single point of contact

Arrange all your ICT matters through one contact person. You have one point of contact with AXS ict. If we cannot provide a particular ICT service in-house, we will provide it via our partner network.

No long-term contract

We want you to remain our customer because you are satisfied with our services, not because you have a long-term contract. Let us prove it to you.