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ECE – Printing

Printing / Scanning at ECE

In order to use the central printer/scanner on the 11th floor, you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Sign up
    Do you want your company to be able to use the central printer/scanner? Just drop by our office on
    the 10th floor or send an email to Then we will take care of the formalities and
    all employees of your company can use the printer/scanner.
  2. Add printer
    In order to print, you need to add the printer to your computer. You can do this by going to the
    following webpage: Your operating system will be recognized
    automatically. You can use the driver on any device: Windows, MacOS, Chromebook, Android and
    iOS. When prompted for your username and password, use your email address as your username.
    You have received the password by email.
  3. Print job
    Print as usual. Choose the printer that starts with ‘ECE 11th floor’.
  4. Release print jobs
    After you have issued the print job, it will be placed in the queue. You can release the prints in a
    number of ways:
    – On the printer itself: for your username and password. You can also link your username and
    password to an NFC-capable card. For example, a public transport chip card. Put your card on
    the reader. The following message appears: ‘Press OK to associate with your network
    account.’ Click OK. Then enter your username and password. The pass will then be linked to
    your account. To release prints, choose Quick release for instant release of all jobs or Release
    jobs to print or cancel specific jobs.
    – Via the web portal: Here you can login with your username and
    password. Choose ‘Jobs Waiting for Release’. Then choose the jobs you want to release.
    Note: the printer will then start working for you right away.
    – Via the mobile web portal: Log in and release.Via de mobiele
    webportal: Log in en geef vrij.
  5. Scanning
    To scan documents, login to the printer with your user name or use the Linked Card. Choose MFC
    Features and then Scan. By default, the scans are sent to the email address associated with your
    account. You can enter additional addresses manually.

Questions or problems? Visit our office on the 10th floor or send an e-mail to