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ICT infrastructure

How do I organise my company ICT? What computers do we need? Where do we store files? Do I have to use cloud applications, or should I even move my entire organisation to work in the cloud? Do you recognise these questions? We receive them every day while we are designing ICT infrastructures. The secret is that no organisation works in the same way. This means ICT infrastructure cannot be the same for every organisation. AXS ict can set up your unique ICT infrastructure from end-to-end.

How does your organisation work?

AXS ict takes care of the entire design of your ICT infrastructure. Before we design the structure, we first look at how you work. Everything you do determines what the ICT structure will look like. Using this information, our engineers can design the end-to-end ICT work environment. For example, the design will describe what hardware and software is required, whether you need certain applications, where files will be stored, and how the security of your systems is to be set up.

Concentrate on your own business activities

You need to concentrate on what you are good at. ICT is a means to an end, it is not the objective. A good ICT infrastructure can help you to work faster and more efficiently. There are many resources available for this on the market, but not every one is suitable for your organisation. You must use the services that fit the work activities of your company. AXS ict puts your business activities first, and then ensures the ICT resources support your work. This means you can achieve your objectives faster.

One point of contact for your ICT

From the procurement of hardware or software to design, implementation and support, AXS ict offers you one single point of contact for ICT. This means you will not have to sit around the table with multiple parties in order to set up and manage your ICT work environment. Our focus is to ensure you are satisfied. We ensure you are and will remain our customer because you are satisfied with our services, not because you have a contract. This is why you will never be stuck with long-term contracts.

Get acquainted with the full-service ICT of AXS ict.

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