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Internet connection

Are you thinking about getting a faster internet connection? A good, stable internet connection is a basic requirement for almost every modern company. Which internet connection is right for your company? And what are the options? And how do you know whether a fibre-optic connection is available for your company? AXS ict can provide you with advice and install the internet connection that best suits the work activities of your company.

Fibre-optic and DSL connections

A connection to the internet is established via a copper wire connection or via a connection to a fibre-optic network. The highest speed is provided by the fibre-optic network. DSL connections run via the copper wire network, with VDSL being the faster successor to ADSL connections. However, VDSL and fibre-optic are not yet available everywhere. AXS ict can provide you with advice based on availability, costs and the requirements of your company. We believe ICT is a means to an end, it is not the objective; it simply a tool that helps you achieve your business objectives.

Internet connection availability check

Are you thinking about another internet connection for your company? Check which internet connections are available at your location.

Carry out a free availability check here.

Connectivity for working in the cloud

Does your organisation work in the cloud, partially or entirely? Then a stable and reliable internet connection is indispensable. Contact AXS ict. We can provide a working internet connection and, where necessary, hardware such as routers and switches. We can also take care of internet connection security. In addition, our Management & Support department works pro-actively to keep your connection protected and up-to-date. This allows you to continue working without any disturbances, concentrating on what you are good at. Do you want a faster internet connection for your organisation? Feel free to contact AXS ict and request a free quote.

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