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Efficient telephony as your business card

Waiting for ages in the queue, unavailable staff, a far too complicated options menu. How are things arranged with you? Whoever you ask about their experience with calling companies, everyone has their own story to tell. The less positive experiences usually stick in the mind the longest. How the telephone is handled already tells a customer a lot about the company. The telephony solutions of AXS ict provide you with solutions that make your business processes more effective and efficient. Only then do you really present a good business card!

Identifying your needs

What is the best solution for your company? Do you have your telephone answered by a receptionist? Does the customer come first in an options menu? Do all staff members have a direct number? Does your staff have to be available on that direct number en route as well? Does your company still use ISDN telephone lines, or are you already making telephone calls via your internet connection? Each company will have its own set of answers to these questions, or the needs fluctuate regularly. AXS ict identifies your existing requirements accurately, in order to put together the ideal telephone solution for your situation. The goal: to make your business processes more efficient! We would like to discuss the possibilities with you.

The best telephony solutions

You arrange your company telephony easily and quickly through AXS ict. Any required functionality can be easily activated or deactivated. The solutions range from VoIP telephony to fixed/mobile convergence. Does your existing telephone exchange need to be replaced? Hosted telephony makes a telephone exchange superfluous, because you telephone in the cloud! Thus, a more efficient method is conceivable for every possible situation. Once your telephony has been set up, you subscribe to the service. It could not be simpler! So it always pays off to have your telephony arranged through AXS ict.

Make your acquaintance with the full-service telephony solutions of AXS ict and start with telephoning more efficiently. Discover the possibilities, we would like to make a customised proposition for you!

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more?