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Everyone has an example of a company that throws money away by working inefficiently. You certainly do not want to belong to that group. Do you ever wonder how much money you can save by automating your processes? Which organisational processes are repeated regularly and take a lot of time? Let the software do the work for you.

Customised software solutions

Every company is unique. Because of this, you may have more requirements than a standard software package can offer. AXS ict can therefore develop customised software for you. To achieve this, we go through three steps:

Step 1 – Inventarisation

Are there recurring activities in your organisation that are time consuming? Do you still use Microsoft Excel or Access? You may be able to work more efficiently by automating these processes. We can look at these with you and focus on your activities. Our software consultants will then put together a concrete ICT design.

Step 2 – Development

Our software programmers begin designing the ICT. A simple solution is often sufficient to completely automate a repetitive process. By limiting the development to short steps, the process is manageable and can be controlled. We will therefore make well-considered choices together. The end result: software that works for you and that you can start to work with right away.

Step 3 – Maintenance

Of course, operating systems such as Windows are updated regularly. We provide the correct software adjustments to ensure your software continues to work. And thanks to our various support options, you will also receive support that is appropriate to your specific situation.

Software advice

Should you opt for a standard software solution for your business process? The choice for a software package must be the correct one from the outset. Not only do you have to pay the software supplier, your staff also need to be trained and accustomed to the new program. This makes introducing a new software solution a major event, even if you opt for a standard software package. But how do you choose the best software package from the wide range? Avoid unpleasant surprises and make an informed choice with the AXS ict software consultants.

Do you want efficient software to speed up your business processes? Working smarter starts with AXS ict. Feel free to ask about the possibilities

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